- process material

Cecilia Margareta


Ceramic plate made of laser cut form based on data generated by 3D scanning

Communication with Södermalms Skyltfabrik, the production cost negotiations.

Stage design, sketch

Stage design, sketch

Stage design, sketch final design

Flags, Global Goals 2013 signs and visualization transparent whiteboard, proposal drawings produced for client 

Floor plan, detail. Proposal for visualization of the Global Goals 2030 symbols painted outside on the ground in connection with the entrance to the event, Annexet Globen. The overview floor plans was made by Sawsan Ahmed and Alice Stone.

Digital design, Meshmixer

A physical study, 3d printed sketch model

Painting the large sculpture, Konstfack 2018

Photo from the ledership convention at Annexet, Globen. Artistic instalattions by Joakim Kling, Anna Spaak and Cecilia Margareta Tjärnberg.

Global Goals 2030 collage, lasercut mdf and spraypaint, 100x100 cm

Global Goals 2030 collage, image printed om foam board

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