About Me

I first saw the light in late november 1988. My mom looked like an angel and my dad started to lose his hair. I have a younger brother and he have made it his life mission to succeed me in every way possible. We grew up with a beautiful, loving and patient Hamilton hound by our side. In 2009 I left the Timrå in search for higher education at Uppsala University.


I love design because it is all about learning and learning is fun because it embraces trial and error. I dare to stray because failing is a great way of learning new things. “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.” - Confucious

Cecilia Margareta Tjärnberg


MFA student of Interior Architecture & Furniture Design at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts & Design -Stockholm, Sweden

I am both a thinker and a doer and I love my work. I reason that there are so many possibilities so why not try to do it all. Of course this reasoning usually backfires as it overwhelms me. I struggle sometimes because I start formulating rules, a strategy that backfires when I paint myself into a corner. One of the more important things I have learned is to accept that nothing ever turns out the way you think it will. The secret is really that said rules are going to be broken and that's perfectly OK. The second more important thing I have learned is that the best work I ever do is the work I do in collaboration with other people. Other people know things you don’t and they see the world differently than you do and I believe, figuring out how to tap into just a small piece of that data can set one up with inspiration for a lifetime.


MFA programme in Design - Spatial Design, Konstfack 2017-2019, Department of Design, Interior Architecture and Visual Communication

Exchange semester to Arkitektskolen Aarhus, the autumn of 2016

BFA in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design  2014-2017, Department of Design, Interior Architecture and Visual Communication

Art at  Public College Wik Uppsala, 2013-2014, 2013-2014

Swedish/Scandinavian Languages A 30hp, Uppsala University 2013

The Uppsala Culture and Society Program (KOSA) at Uppsala University, 2010-2013

History of Science and Ideas Idé A 30hp, Uppsala Universitet 2010

Drivers licence, 2007

Technology targeting virtual design at Timrå Gymnasium, 2004-2007

Tools and technology

My interest in technology has rewarded me with countless hours of laser cutter, different types of 3D scanning (laser-, light scanning and photogrammetry), digital paper cutter, 3d printer and software like for example Rhino, Meshmixer, DIAlux evo, SculptGL, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Autodesk Recap and Unreal Engine. I also have experience working with CNC machines and have done one collaboration with Scania AB in Södertälje gaining access to their expertise. Further on I have basic a training within traditional tools available in the metal- and woodworking workshop. One of my favorite power tools though is the grinder.

Paid work

Designer - Building my own exhibition. I was also responsible for recruiting and scheduling guards/hosts covering four different exhibitions, one of which was my own. - Edvall Arkitekter and Hemgården AB at Vallastaden 2017


Guard - As a guard within this institution we cared for specifically over intoxicated people. During my studies at Uppsala University, I worked many weekends here and met people from all over the world and all parts of socity. In my application to the BFA programme at Konstfack I analysed this place seen as a space for pause. - Polismyndigheten Uppsala 2010-2015


Machine operator and truck driver - This is where I grew up as my mom worked here since I was in kindergarten. I know so many of the people working in this large heavy duty industry and have so much respect for the working man. To describe a day I would wake up at 4.45 and sign in at 5.50 clothed in layers of protective gear, steel cap shoes, a yellow hard hat with mounted hearing protection, safety glasses, a heavy dust masks and gloves. The large machines demanded hands on involvement and coming home after a long shift my body would be sore. I slept like a baby working here. - Kubal AB in Sundsvall 2007/2008/2013,2014,2015,2016

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