About Me

MA student of Interior Architecture & Furniture Design at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts & Design


Stockholm, Sweden



Cecilia Margareta Tjärnberg

I first saw the light in late november 1988. I am an optimistic skeptic with a tendency to overdo things in general. I might be a bit pragmatic but I am also at times a curious infantile dreamer. Prone to choose fantasy, sci-fi and thrillers before documentaries, reality-shows or news on the tv. I enjoy listening to tv series while working on different projects, in contrast from listening to music. I think it's the storytelling that captivates me, enabeling me to free my mind and relax, if that sounds plausible.


Currently I am enrolled at Konstfack having the time of my life finishing up my Master's Degree. I'm not sure of what type of architect I'll become but I hope I'll stay genuine, honest and aware in my work. Previously I've studied philosophy at Uppsala University and I spent one year taking art classes at Wik public college.


I am both a thinker and a doer. I reason there is so many possibilities, why not try to do if all. Of Course this reasoning usually backfires. Then I start making up guidelines and rules, a tactic that usually only backfires when collaborating partners fail to meet my expectations of following said set rules. One of the more important things I've learnt though is accepting that nothing ever turns out the way you think it will. The secret is said rules are going to be broken, and that's perfectly ok. My artistic personality likes to be more hands on, although prone to analysing results and how the came to be. While my more academic personality is more calculating initially, trying to be more aware of a specific context for which a design is to be created. This alter ego then decides on a few variables which appear to be more important for this specific project and creates an experiment which can be documented and analysed. I love people and working in collaboration, learning new thing and getting inspired by others ideas. Though I do need my own neerd-time to recover and recharge my batteries.


I have got a lot of love in my hart and a big family. When comfortable I can be very impulsive and tend to spread my black and honest sense of humor. I'm also proud to be the kind of friend you can hang out with without having to talk to.



Thank you




Master in Spatial Design 120hp, Konstfack, 2017-2019


Transferring to Aarhus School of Architecture as an exchange student during the autumn of 2016

Interior Architecture & Furniture Design at Konstfack University, 2014-1017

Art at Public College Wik Uppsala, 2013-2014, 2013-2014

The Uppsala Culture and Society Program (KOSA) at Uppsala University, 2010-2013

Technology targeting virtual design at Timrå Gymnasium, 2004-2007



Experience with digital fabrication (including laser cutting, 3D scanning, digital paper cutting, CNC drill 3-5 axis, 3D printing and graph plotter printer), software (including Rhino, Meshmixer, DIAlux evo, SculptGL, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Excel) and traditional wood- and metal workshop equipments


Exhibition "The Human Scale in the Public Space - Lingia Franca", Vallastaden Bo- & Samhällsexpo 2017 Linköping


Floating Wetlands, Färgfabriken, 2015

Maretopia, Konstfack at Färgfabriken 2015


Guard, Uppsala County Police, 2010-

Factory worker/truck driver, Kubal Sundsvall, 2007/2008/2013/2014/2015/2016

Telemarketer/Consultant, Din Mobil, Uppsala, 2009

Event Staff, Media Markt, 2008

Waitress, Disneyland Paris, 2007

Cafe and wardrobe staff, Sundsvall theater, 2005-2007

Bar staff, Irish Pub Sundsvall, 2007

Project (two large paintings), Skönviksbacken Timra, 2007

Driving licence, 2007

Maintenance, Kubal Sundsvall, 2006

Arkivist and maintenance, Permobil AB Timra, 2003 and 2005

Receptionist and restaurant manager, Wifsta Varvs camping, 2005

Qualified football referee for juniors, Timrå, 2004


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