Floating Wetlands

Cecilia Margareta


Underneath the water surface, ropes tied to the net create a man-made jungle gym for small fish to play.  

Floating Wetlands

My focus was devoted to developing a strong basic skeleton, that could carry itself on water, with a medium current, using as little plastic materials as possible for environmental reasons. In the event that the design breaks, it should not suddenly become toxic to the environment which it was to improve. I aimed to design a structure that could be easy to replicate using only hand tools. The design should be accessible so as to make it attractive to build for anyone excited to strive for improvement of local ecology. Floating material was built-in inside the corners and a net arranged for planting in the middle. Underneath the water surface, ropes tied to the net create a man-made jungle gym for small fish to play. This type of habitat is more scarce in the city today because of that the current is often too strong along our constructed waterways. This type of installation can help improve water quality.

Developing the design of the wetlands was a project I indulge in outside of school during the summer. These are structures for carrying plants on the water for the purpose of improving water quality and improving the conditions for fish and other wildlife. Sponsor: Färgfabriken. With assistant from Jens Evaldsson and Sergio Montero Bravo.



Floating Wetlands grew from ideas developed during the course and group project Maretopia, held at Konstfack during the spring of 2015. The theme of the course considered sustainable design, different lifestyles and it raised our awareness of local ecologies. As a class, we planned and built floating structures that were displayed at Färgfabriken as a part of the project Experiment Stockholm 23/9-29/11 that same year. Location: Konstfack, or University College of Arts, Crafts and Design / Färgfabriken, Gröndal. Teacher: Sergio Montero Bravo. Guests: Jens Evaldsson Artist and Ulrika Hamrén Ecologist and co-owner of Ekologigruppen.

“Maretopia - en vision om ett framtida flytande ekologiskt kulturhus på Stockholms vatten”  

/ Jens Evaldsson

Me and my classmates trying out our floating designs for the first time. Photo by Jens Evaldsson.

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