The Ultimate Empathy Machine

Cecilia Margareta


Top view, photogrammetry, Sivert at Pärlan in Hamrånge 2018

The Ultimate Empathy Machine

Curating information through conversation, music as a tool to awaken memory, photogrammetry and digital manufacturing. We drew on the table cloth and ate homemade carrot cake. This is a sample of an individual investigation taking place after weeks of class discussions and workshops.  Location: Konstfack, or University College of Arts, Crafts and Design/ Pärlan, Hamgånge. Teachers: Sergio Montero Bravo, Pernilla Glaser. In collaboration with FoajeX, Gävle.

During a workshop Birgitta was asked where she saw herself in the future. Upon which she turned to me and asked, “I am seventy years old, what future?”. I got scared because I didn’t know how to answer her. Though she also caught my interest. I started to wonder, why is that question so hard for her to answer? Why is some questions difficult to answer for some people but not for others? In this project the goal have been to stay in the process and to develop strategies and test tool with which to communicate with a third party. I decided to stay with a group of seniors at the meeting place Pärlan in Hamrånge.

A digital representation of the 3D printed version of Margareta. I decided to give her a friend as I worked on this piece of memory from our meeting. I gave Margareta one 3d printed version of her self. Later I found out from the staff at Pärland that Margareta had named her statue "Loneliness" and that when she looked at the statue that sat on the shelf this made her feel less alone.

During the two meetings we ended up talking a lot about loneliness in the presence and the future. In contrast to memories of an earlier life and the normal occurrence of the whole family going to the outhouse together. This special outhouse was built in sections like a staircase and the young people would use the lower seats while the older would use the seats higher up. “We use to call it a chokladhink” said Kerstin smiling. There is so much love here but very little hope for a future. As I was bidding farewell for the second time at Pärlan one of the caregivers said, “your generation will probably have other demands and then things will be different”. I wonder, is this the lost generation?

Digital design process in Rhinoceros 3d

The second workshop at Pärlan in Hamrånge

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