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2020, February / "Wonderful Everyday", a group exhibition with DOTDOTDOT, Stockholm

         (You are welcome to view my process in the workshop at @ceciliatjarn)

Thank you @sayhito_ and super.ultra.nice for including a little of my work in your impressive online galleries !!

The Oyster sofa is exhibited online with @sayhito_ on Instagram

Ongoing work:

Wasteland Interiors. For a while now I have been turning fresh wood, collected from patches of young forest areas that are considered low value or waste - I see these trees as an alternative source of material. The trees grow fast and the wood is pearl white. I have developed a series of lamp holders small sculptural objects and I am looking for a collaborative partner with whom to develop this design. 

Sculpture ready for exhibition. I am looking for an exhibition space. Send me your information if you have a space or arena in mind or just want to know more about a potential collaboration!

Mesurments: ca 100x60x50 cm
Contact: ceciliatjarnberg@live.se

Pearl white lamp holders milled in the workshop


Elephant is currently exhibited in the beautiful office of Indicum Arkitekter in Uppsala

December 5 - 21, group exhibition at STUDIO L2, Stockholm

Carpet 0.1 on mounted on the wall behind a stool, design by Amanda Karsberg

The Oyster Sofa was sold on auction at Bukowskis (October 2 at 5:04 PM CEST)

Photo by Bukowskis

Insta-portfolio / ceciliamargareta_

September 14, group exhibition at Indicum, Uppsala 

Poster by Indicum

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