Photo by Sawsan Ahmed, 2019.


The sculptural wall element is a part of a series of furniture belonging to the MFA thesis BIG DATA DESIGN - Strange but familiar. The form is originally based on a photogrammetry project made up of images taken of interiors at Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. I pulled many forms from this initial digital work. I call them my inside out interiors. The Bench and Carpet 0.1 were also derived from here. The Elephant was developed as a high rising complement to the small series of furniture built for the degree show.

The base is heavy and constructed in pine and plywood. The top is fixed in place with two steel pins. The sculptural foam swirl on top brings the whole piece to life. I can imagen these types of wall-like structures moved around in an open office landscape. My Elephant disturbs notions of direction in a fun and inviting manner. The textile element absorbs sound while also softening up the straight lines of modern architecture as it seems to pull all the attention in the room.

The design was built, power carved, painted and needle felted by Cecilia Margareta Tjärnberg. Sponsor: Sundsvalls Kommun.

Elephant, 2019

Elephant, photogrammetry, woodcarving and needlefelting, design by Cecilia Margareta Tjärnberg, MFA thesis BIG DATA DESIGN - Strange but familiar, 2019.

Digital space.

Digital crafts and contemporary workflows.

During my work, I push many angles in the project simultaneously. It is important to bring these different parts together regularly, to allow for continuous renegotiation.

Milling inside my plasic tent.

Konstfack, 2019.

I created the foam sculpture by up-cycling a standard foam mattress.

Commuting between studio workshops

Full circle - point cloud Elephant.

Supervisors; Einar Rodhe, Senior Lecturer, Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Department of Design, Interior Architecture and Visual Communication (DIV).

Christian Björk, Visiting Lecturer, -

Examiners; Tor Lindstrand, Senior Lecturer, Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Department of Design, Interior Architecture and Visual Communication (DIV).

Guest critic; Marcia Harvey Isaksson, Inredningsarkitekt MSA

Sponsors; Sundsvalls Kommun - Cultural Grant, SCA Östrands massafabrik - paper material, Kasthall - yarn

Selected tutors and collaborating partners; Palle Torsson, Senior Lecturer, Department of Fine Art. Gunnar Söder, Lecturer within the Department of Design at Konstfack. Alexander Wallin, a computer programmer, and musician. Rassmus Nossbring, Glass/Craft Artist.

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