Cecilia Margareta



Developing a cabinet of curiosity through process of investigations of an chosen object. While examining my chosen object I state that the scrunchie can be said to consist of two main segments, one inner elastic band and an outer protective interacting shell. How these two different segments interact, in function and aesthetics, as the scrunchie is being pulled and released is what makes this a curious object. I do my research through producing model construction. Partly because I wanted to use the laser cutter as much as possible, but also in order to start gathering knowledge of material characteristics in an early stage. This short course was summarised with us building our cabinets in scale 1:1 and then in groups starting the discussion on possible relationships, one cabinet to another/ cabinet to user.

The assignment was to choose an object of curiosity and then figure out it’s essens; what makes the thing curious? After isolating this quality a set of modells were produced embrasing it and finaly a cabinett of cutiosity designed on it’s principal. Location: Aarhus School of Architecture. Teacher: Peter Mandal Hansen, Jonathan Foote, Christian Carlsen. Date: September 2016

Sketch models

Frederik casually testing out my Cabinet of curiosity during a group meeting, Aarhus School of Architecture 

Cabinet of curiosity on a shelf inside Wunderkammer made of corrugated paper

Laser cutting

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