Arkitektur Memorabilia

My project Arkitektur Memorabilia is currently being exhibited at  Ung Salong "Sprickan" hosted by Uppsala Konstnärsklubb, August 8 - 30th.

Arkitektur Memorabilia

Memorabilia are objects that we save or collect because they remind us of people or events. When my grandmother passed away, my grandfather suffered a stroke and developed dementia. He was bothered by how the surroundings suddenly felt foreign. Through grandfather's music and personal items, we were able to find each other. I draw inspiration from memorabilia that can be found in many people's homes and my wish is to make more people experience the world as a little more familiar.

For the exhibition, I am showing a series of sculptural outdoor furniture organized around stage activity. The stage was created in collaboration with Barnens Å-hus and a group of children who filled it with good food and drink for everyone to enjoy.

Sprickan, organised by Uppsala Konstnärsklubb 2020. Point cloud-film by Cecilia Margaret Tjärnberg.