Lively architecture

Front, left and top view drawings. Point cloud and poly-mesh visualization of the pink structure.

Lively architecture

A fictional installation, inspired by the educational value of collaborative workshops. Lively architecture is inviting, fun and versatile. While the structure itself is beautiful with its quirky silhouette and bright color, my vision is that it can support a variety of creative temporary activities.

This project is under development and I am researching ways to create these steel structures with recycled material.

The pink structure and pictures from the cladding workshop at Konstfack.

The pink structure measures a height of 3,5 meters. Material: Bent and welded 30mm diameter steel pipe, with a pink glossy finish.

The Lively Architecture project was inspired by a workshop held at Konstfack 2018. Research Week is an annual event and provides students the opportunity to discover a new topic and collaborate between the institutions. Led by artists Matt Smith and Matthew Raw, a team of twenty students built a large wooden structure together and explored the world of cladding (covering). As a workshop, this was an exciting experience. Although the load-bearing design requires some understanding of construction, the later activity of cladding does not. By proposing a steel structure like this one for public art, I would like to encourage for example this lively creative activity.

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