Our self sufficient economy

The reused garage became a social municipal housing, 2015.

Our self sufficient economy

This is a proposal for a self-sufficient economy, located in a re-programed garage structure in the year of 2050. Mainly due to environmental challenges, we have adapted our lifestyle to be more communal. 

The community relies on co-ownership, recycling materials and trading goods with our neighboring communities. The concept of the family has grown to include a larger number of people and social rituals now include collective preparation and consumption of food. The kitchen has become a part of our shared space and this is where we meet to relax, regain our energy and celebrate.

Revas and I each developed ideas for the built-in housing and this is my proposal. My strategy has been to highlight our activities surrounding the preparation of food and communal dining as well as organizing private versus shared areas in reference to materials embracing each areas needs.

Super furniture that extends through private living to common areas.

Light studies and planing activities.

The winter garden.

The class was divided into groups and assigned to re-program an existing architectural structure according to various specific economic settings. Teachers: Sergio Montero Bravo, Åsa Conradsson, Rochus Hinkel.

Our self sufficient economy,  2015 by Revaz Berdzenishvili and Cecilia Margareta Tjärnberg, Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design

3d representation created through class collaboration mesuring the donar structure by hand and modeling in the space in Rhinoceros.

Each group then developed the mateial. This material was developed my me and Revaz. We have organized accommodation and activities, cut out parts of the floor and enclose the garage in transparent materials that create a winter garden climate.

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