The human scale in the public space lingua franca

The Bench and the Platform. One higher bench is easier to stand up from when you have bad knees and one lower platform allows children to climb up themselves.

The Human Scale In The Public Space - Lingua Franca

My BFA project treating the subject of how we can design furniture for the public space through materializing the human scale, which is “in size close to mine and in spirit personal”.

We are entering a new era of urban development, where access to personalized technological aids which are allowing us to be more personal in the public space is also having a detrimental effect on our social routine - I am inspired to materialize a metaphorical bridge, a hypothetical lingua franca.

In an effort to materialize the human scale I have researched language and understanding, music and memory. My method of progress is bound to my interest in handicraft and digital fabrication. I reached out to a home for the elderly located in Uppsala and organized a workshop. My plan was to develop the thesis based on the material I could collect here.

During the workshop, we worked with clay while listening to music. In advance, I had asked the staff what music the elderly would like to hear. Music has the power to awaken memory and “Music creates spontaneity that you can not create in an institution, it takes you to a place where you can leave the regimen and go of in a world that you create and that you connect with on your own terms” (Alive Inside, 2014). Something very fragile and very personal was created during the workshop.

I brought back the small sculptural objects to Konstfack, had them 3D scanned and processed digitally. My final design, the two benches, was CNC milled at Scania AB.

Location: Konstfack, or University College of Arts, Crafts and Design/ Pärlan, Hamgånge. Teachers: Sergio Montero Bravo, Pernilla Glaser. In collaboration with residents at Attendo Topelius in Uppsala, Scania AB in Södertälje and Hemgården AB.

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