Child playing in installation, illustration by Cecilia Margareta Tjärnberg, Vallastaden 2017

VALLASTADEN 2017 - Home exhibition


Vallastaden Bo- och Samhällsexpo invited a lot of different people and was an opportunity for me to create a new context for my BFA thesis. The vibrant city district, as a model for the future of urban planning, is built around central themes of social, environmental and economical sustainability. I meet representatives from the industry who encouraged me to develop my design. The whole experience gave me important knowledge in planning, writing and negotiating for a specific project budget. Furthermore, for Hemgården's account, it was my responsibility to recruit and schedule personnel that would guard a group of different exhibitions during the expo. I learned a lot from reaching out to and collaborating with Arbetsförmedlingen.

Visitors were invited to skim through project process materials, try the furniture that was built and stay awhile to talk about community space, empathy and built value. The entire inner floor was covered with bark and I draped large sections of the walls with textiles in order to bring nature physically and spiritually inside. Music was playing throughout the exhibition, creating a pleasant atmosphere. The bark and the music helped in breaking the ice and facilitate a common ground. People who didn't know each other opened up and started conversations about interior architecture.

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Expo information, map Vallastaden 2017

The BFA project printed out for exhibition visitors to skim through

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