Cecilia Margareta


Frederik test driving the lantern Bender, by Cecilia and Frederik, Aarhus Denmark 2016


During this high pace two week workshop, designing lanterns in pairs of two, we were encouraged by our teachers to steal each other’s ideas. Repeatedly we built sketch models, attempting to capture something important. Repeatedly these models were placed in rows on the floor, creating a collection of ideas that were then repeatedly ripped apart by us rushing in to grab whichever captured our interest. We were stealing each others ideas in a very physical manner for a whole week. As a result, people got very aware of each other's ideas, strategies, and aesthetics. 

The lantern Bender is a result from a collaboration between Cecilia Margareta Tjärnberg and Frederik Rosing. Location: Aarhus School of Architecture. Teacher: Peter Mandal Hansen, Jonathan Foote, Christian Carlsen

The kinetic qualities of paper folding tecniques was the main inspiration developing the lantern Bender. This two week workshop kick started my exchange semester abroad in Aarhus Denmark.

Sketch models lined up on the floor, Aarhus 2016

I appreciate how the boundaries of the perception of yours and mine were dissolved. My experience is that this often is a sensitive topic in the creative community. During this course, I had the opportunity to reevaluate my definition of ownership of an idea.

In general, we agree that design is something someone has really thought about and then adjusted to its new conditions. What is an idea though? I regard the concept of the idea as something more abstract, while the design is its conclusion. I don't know if one can own an idea but I think that what is interesting is what you cultivate based on your idea. Since we differ from each other in many ways, we will develop different design solutions even when our work is based on the same idea. 

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